How Baby’s Away Works

Charleston Baby’s Away has proudly served local and traveling families in the Charleston area since 1995. Place your order online or feel free to give us a call. Once your order has been received, you will receive a call with your total. At this time, payment information will be requested to confirm your order.

Delivery of your Baby’s Away rental equipment to the rental home, condo, villa, cottage, or hotel is made prior to 4 p.m. (extremely busy holiday times–delivery by 6 p.m.). If your order is being delivered to a local resident, we will contact that person to arrange delivery prior to your arrival. All you do is sit back and enjoy your wonderful vacation!

Once your relaxing stay in the Charleston area has ended, please leave your equipment in the area(s) it was delivered to in your rental home, condo, villa, cottage, or hotel. We begin pickups at 9am; please call in advance should you need arrangements otherwise. For pickup from a local resident, we will confirm a pickup time to ensure you no longer need your rental items.

It’s that easy… Charleston Baby’s Away will help your family have a safe, fun, and enjoyable vacation!


Baby’s Away has been servicing the Charleston area since 1995. We work with all of the rental agencies and many of the private rentals. All items are delivered and set up prior to your arrival. If you have ordered a crib or a bed, a request is made for room preference for set-up. In the event you are unsure which room for set-up, the cribs are folding full-size cribs and easy to set up once you arrive. All other equipment is set up in the perspective areas; for example, high chair in the dining area, exersaucer in the living area, etc.
If you are staying in a vacation rental, we do our best to have orders taken care of between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. (these are the general check-out and check-in times). If you are staying with local family or friends, we will make arrangements with them to have your items delivered prior to your arrival and to pick up once you no longer need your rental items.
Baby’s Away is a delivery business. Upon request, a customer pick-up can be arranged at a public location.
Please leave the crib/bed as is. Baby’s Away will take care of breaking it down at pick-up. All other equipment should be left in the perspective place(s) left at delivery. The equipment is delivered clean and ready for your use; upon departure, please leave it respectfully clean. When renting toys, indoor and outdoor, please make sure all toys are gathered prior to your departure.
Baby’s Away understands that plans change. If yours do, please let us know as soon as possible. If your equipment has NOT been delivered, you will receive a 100% refund. If you cancel once delivery has been made, you will receive 50% of the remaining rental as a refund.
Baby’s Away carries liability insurance and is required by law to buy all equipment new. Therefore, our equipment is either in new or excellent (gently used) condition. We pride ourselves on the quality and cleanliness of our products. Each product is thoroughly inspected prior to each rental.
Baby’s Away does not install car seats for liability reasons. The instructions for installation are on the car seats, though our car seats follow normal installation standards. You may call Isle of Palms Police Department at 843-886-6522.
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